Super 7 Bright Sight (007)

What are some of the main advantages of the Super 7 Bright Sight?

The Super 7 Bright sight has 7 colors available. The colors are: green, blue, light blue, red, amber, violet, and white. If the shooter needs to change color, all that is required is to depress the “Color” button. For example, when encountering a white target such as a billy goat on a 3D range, a green pin often blends in with the target, making it difficult to see. The shooter can change pin color from green to red, make the shot, and continue to the next target. The Super 7 also uses a single AAA battery, which are less expensive and more readily available than other types of batteries. The Super 7 shuts off after 5 minutes to preserve battery life. The Super 7 also has the ability to check battery status. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the “ON/OFF” button when first turning the unit on. Below are the colors and indications noted when performing this procedure:

Green = Battery is new.
Blue = battery is at its mid-life.
Red = battery is low, time to replace battery.

How long does the battery in the Super 7 last?

There are many variables that affect battery life, such as ambient temperature, brightness setting, battery type, etc. Basically, the Super 7 will last approximately 6.5 hours, or 78 cycles at 5 minutes each, on full brightness. Also, use of a lithium battery is recommended for extended battery life.

How does the Super 7 mount to the Specialty Archery Glow Rings?

To use the Super 7, you will also need to purchase a Fiber Kit. Fiber Kits include 0.010”, 0.019” and 0.029” diameter clear fibers. The Fiber Kit will align the end of the fiber optic in your scope with the LED lights in the threaded end of the cable attached to the Super 7. You will need to replace the colored fiber currently installed in your Specialty Archery Glow Ring with the clear fiber included with the Fiber Kit. Once the fiber has been replaced, the fiber and shroud will need to be terminated within the threaded female receiver included with the Fiber Kit. Included with the Fiber Kit is a rubber compression washer which holds the fiber and shroud in place inside the female receiver. Mounting hardware is included with the Fiber Kit.

My Super 7 is not working. It is red for a minute and then goes out. What is wrong?

Most likely the battery is dead. Try replacing the battery first. And, make sure the new battery you are replacing it with is not dead as well. We have had Super 7 units that were returned for warranty work that simply had a dead battery.

What kind of battery does the Super 7 take?

The Super 7 requires the use of 1 AAA battery.  Lithium batteries are preferred for longer life.

Is the Super 7 legal for FITA?

No, the Super 7 is not legal for FITA, as it is an electronic device. The Super 7 is legal for all other types of competitions, such as NFAA, IBO and ASA.

Can I use the Super 7 with my scope, even if it is not a Specialty Archery scope?

Yes, but you will need to purchase a Fiber Kit. Fiber kits come with 0.010”, 0.019” and 0.029” diameter clear fibers. To adapt the Super 7 to a different manufacturers’ scope, you will need to replace the fiber in your current scope with the clear fiber in the Fiber Kit. And, some modification may be required to secure the threaded male end of the Super 7 cable to the threaded female receiver included with the Fiber Kit. Mounting hardware is included with the Fiber Kit.